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Intellectual Property Policy

Last updated: August 07, 2023

MemeTribes respects the intellectual property rights of others, and we expect you to do the same. MemeTribes' Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines do not allow posting, sharing, or sending any content that violates or infringes someone else’s copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights.


Copyright is a legal right that protects original works of authorship (e.g., images, music, videos, etc.). Generally, copyright protects an original expression of an idea (e.g., the specific way an image, video or music is expressed or created) but does not protect underlying ideas or facts.

Copyright Infringement

We do not allow any content that infringes copyright. The use of copyrighted content of others without proper authorization or legally valid reason may lead to a violation of MemeTribes' policies.

At the same time, not all unauthorized uses of copyrighted content constitute an infringement. In many countries, exceptions to copyright infringement allow the use of copyrighted works under certain circumstances without authorization. These include the fair use doctrine in the United States and permitted acts of fair dealing in the European Union (and other equivalent exceptions under applicable local laws in other countries).

Removal of Content; Suspension or Termination of Account

Any user content that infringes an other person’s copyright may be removed. The account may be suspended or terminated for multiple copyright violations in connection with the use of the MemeTribes site or app, or other violations of the Terms and Conditions and Community Guidelines. We reserve the right to refuse any account holder whose account was used for improper activities from opening a new account on MemeTribes’ site or app, or otherwise hosted by MemeTribes.

Information for Rightsholders

Copyright Infringement Notification

Contacting the user directly may resolve your complaint more quickly and in a way that is more beneficial to you, the user, and our community. You may also file a Copyright Infringement Report by emailing us at [email protected] to request the removal of the alleged infringing content from MemeTribes.

All complaints should contain the information requested in our online Copyright Infringement Report form. Failure to include necessary information may limit our ability to investigate your claims and may result in your complaint being denied.

We may provide the account holder with your contact information, including the email address and the name of the copyright owner, and/or details of the complaint.

Before submitting a notification, please be aware that intentionally submitting a misleading or fraudulent report may lead to liability for damages under section 512(f) of the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) or similar laws as may be applicable in other countries.

If you submit a report or infringement notification to us, we may contact you if we have additional questions about your report or notification. Please note that MemeTribes is not in a position to adjudicate disputes between third parties, and may not be able to remove the content or suspend the account you reported. As an alternative, you may want to contact the person who posted the content or owns the account to try to resolve your issue directly.

EU Copyright Directive

Pursuant to Article 17 of the Copyright Directive (EU 2019/790), if you want to make an enquiry about granting an authorisation to MemeTribes to make your copyright-protected works available on MemeTribes, please contact us via [email protected]. We will review your request and be in touch.

If you want to request that your music or audiovisual works are made unavailable in the EU, we need you to email us via [email protected]. So that MemeTribes can consider your request, you will have to provide us with relevant and necessary information about you and your copyright works. Upon receiving this information and validating your request, MemeTribes will do its best to ensure that your copyright work is made unavailable on MemeTribes in the EU.

Please note that in accordance with its legal obligations MemeTribes provides to users and rightholders a copyright infringement dispute resolution mechanism, however rightholders remain free to assert their rights in court.